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Abigail Fuller
Abagail and Sam as Will.png
A grown up Abigail (Melora Hardin) with Sam as Will Kinman.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Born: 1944, estimated
Mother of Sammy Jo Fuller
Related to: Sammy Jo Fuller (daughter)
Sheriff Clayton Fuller (father)
Laura Fuller (mother)
Will Kinman (ex-fiancée)
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Character played by: Kimberly Cullum (as child) in TV series episode Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart
Melora Hardin in Trilogy Part II: For Your Love and Trilogy Part III: The Last Door"

Abigail Fuller is the daughter of Sheriff Clayton Fuller and Laura Fuller and the mother of Sammy Jo Fuller, whom she conceived with Samuel Beckett, while Sam was leaping as Will Kinman, Abigail's fiancée in the episode "For Your Love". Abigail is been played by actress Kimberly Cullum as a child and actress Melora Hardin as an adult.

About Abigail[]

Sam as Sheriff Clayton Fuller, Abigail's father, in scene with maid Marie Billings (Fran Bennett) and a young Abigail (Kimberly Cullum) in "The Trilogy:Part I".

Sam has to save Abigail not once, but three different times (first into a leap as her father, Clayton Fuller, second as her fiancée, Will Kinman and third as her lawyer, Lawrence "Larry" Stanton III"Trilogy", parts 1, 2, & 3 respectively). When he leaps into the man she is set to marry, he falls in love with her himself and fathers a daughter, which turns out to be Sammy Jo. Sammy Jo would have high IQ and a photographic memory, just like Sam. Later, Al reveals that Sammy Jo is to become a part of Project Quantum Leap in order to find a way to bring him back. The part of Abigail as an adult is played by actress Melora Hardin in For Your Love: Part II and The Last Door: Part III. The part of Abigail as a child is played by actress Kimberly Cullum (who also plays daughter Sammy Jo in Part III) in Trilogy: Part I.