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Alexandra Rickett
Ami Foster as Alexendra Rickett.png
Ami Foster as Alexandra Rickett in "Runaway" in Season 3.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Older sister of boy whom Dr. Samuel Beckett leaps into; Always teases him until, with Sam's help, turns the tables on her and gets her to respect him as a growing young man
Related to: Hank Rickett (father)
Emma Rickett (mother)
Butchie Rickett (brother)
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Runaway" (season 3)
Character played by: Ami Foster

Alexandra Rickett appears in the Season 3 episode of Quantum Leap titled "Runaway". The part of Beth is played in the episode bu Ami Foster.

About Alexandra[]

When the family of Butchie Rickett, whom Dr. Samuel Beckett leaps into in 1964 goes on a cross-country sightseeing vacation from Florida to the Wyoming Mountains, his sister constantly teases and makes fun of him, even calling him "monkey boy" when the family goes to a local zoo and pushes him in a cage with one of the chimpanzees, as their dad, Hank, takes a snapshot of embarrassed Butchie in the cage.

When Alexandra's mother Emma goes missing after going off into the forest after another argument with Hank, Alexandra accompanies Sam, Hank, Emma's husband, Butchie, Billy McCann, an old high school acquaintance of Emma and Hank, and Beth, Billy's daughter, as part of the search party as they find Emma dangling from the side of a cliff as Butchie, or Sam as, and Hank are able to rescue her, with Al and Ziggy's help.

Before he leaps into his next mission, Sam takes revenge on Butchie's behalf on big sister Alexandra, as he dangles her from her feet, and gets her to say "uncle", with her promising not to torture him ever again!