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Evil leaper Alia (Renee Coleman) on "Quantum Leap"
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Original evil leaper who appears in Season 5; becomes an ally of Sam against the pursuit of her evil hologram guide Zoey, who tries to kill her
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Episodes appeared in: 3 episodes, beginning with "Deliver Us From Evil" (#5.7)
Character played by: Renée Coleman

Alia is a female Evil Leaper that Sam first met in the episode titled "Deliver Us From Evil". The part of Alia is played by Renée Coleman. She is the evil leaper counterpart to Sam.


Nothing is known about Alia's past or her background, or even which time period she is originally from.

At some point, Alia began leaping into the past under the control of Lothos, the computer managing the Evil Leaper project. Alia is assisted by a holographic observer from her time called Zoey.

Like Sam, Alia seems to be trapped in time; Zoey uses that to push her to complete her missions, telling her it could be the one that leaps her home. Her missions are the complete opposite of Sam's, as she has to ruin people's lives and put wrong what once went right. Her past missions are unknown, but Zoey refers to their completion as "clawing their way out of Hell", and the memory of these missions causes Alia visible distress.

In her first appearance in the episode "Deliver Us From Evil", Alia leaps into the life of Connie, the sister-in-law of Jimmy LaMotta, she meets Sam for the very first time. Although the two are unaware of each other's presence, their true identities are revealed when they accidentally touch. Alia is then instructed to kill Sam to complete her mission but Sam manages to talk her out of it as Alia disappears. Upon their next meeting, Alia tells Sam that she was tortured for her failure to complete her mission.

Alia leaping out in Revenge of The Evil Leaper

Alia and Sam meet again in "Return of The Evil Leaper" and Sam decides that he has to save her. After successfully completing his mission (and thus causing Alia's mission to fail) they each begin to leap, but Sam holds Alia tightly and the two manage to leap together. They re-emerge in a women's prison, where their leapees are accused of murder.

In the episode "Revenge of the Evil Leaper", her final appearance, Sam, who's leaped into a women's prison inmate uses hypnosis to make Alia forget who she is, to prevent Zoey and Lothos from pinpointing her by her brainwaves. Instead, they send Zoey to leap into the prison warden to find and kill her. In the climax of the episode, Zoey, as the corrupt prison Warden Clifton Myers (leapee played by Sam Scarber), shoots Alia, who leaps out, leaving her leapee unharmed. Notably, when Alia leaps for the final time, it's the blue light normally associated with Sam and other good leapers, not the red light of the evil ones.

It is unknown whether Alia survives the shotgun blast, although it's implied and presumed that she leaps before her leapee is shot, although her leapee is unharmed by the blast as well, as Al says, "We don't know where she is, but wherever she is, she's free."