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Archie Necaise
Archie Necaise and leaper Sam in mirror.png
Deputy Archie Necaise (Bob Hamilton, left, in mirror) and leaper Sam in early mirror image scene in the Season 4 episode "Hurricane"
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Born: Jackson's Point, Mississippi, U.S.
Deputy sherriff of town when Hurricane Camille hits; Dr. Beckett, as Archie, must prevent the untimely death of his girlfriend, a Red Cross nurse, on August 17, 1969 and persuade her to study to become a psychologist
Domestic partner(s): Cissy Davis, a local-area Red Cross nurse
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Character played by: Scott Bakula (as Dr. Sam Beckett and Bob Hamilton as the leapee in TV series episode "Hurricane"

Deputy Sheriff Archie Necaise was a character who appeared in the Season 4 episode of Quantum Leap TV series titled "Hurricane". The character Archie, as the leapee, is seen in an uncredited cameo appearance by Bob Hamilton.

About Archie[]

Archie, the deputy sheriff of the small Mississippi town called Jackson's Point, whom Dr. Beckett leaps into in the episode "Hurricane", and Cissy Davis. a local area Red Cross Nurse and his girlfriend, are helping to evacuate Archie's ex-girlfriend Lisa (played by Tracy Kolis) as Hurricane Camille, which devastated the Gulf Coast region at that time, is set to hit the town. Al reveals that in the original course of events in August 1969, Cissy was killed by debris that night when she returns home. Sam and Cissy try to evacuate a ‘hurricane party’ but they refuse to leave as the host of the party is a hippie who says his apartment has recently been made into a cooperative, which means he is now the legal owner and cannot be forced out of his private property. Sam realizes that while this may be foolhardy, the partygoers broke no law and heads back to the shelter. Before leaving, the host sees Sam's true self, but chalks it up to clouded judgment, remarking "one moment you got black hair, the next you got blonde hair". Sam looks in a mirror to see Archie.

In order to save her, Sam convinces Cissy that he can evacuate the hurricane party and get her dog and that the fewest number of people possible should be out in the storm. Sam quickly manages to save the dog but finds out he only has fifteen minutes to save the party and Cissy.

Not being one who beats around the bush, Sam, again as Archie, breaks through the door to the apartment and shoots into the air to convince the people to leave and hurries back to the shelter. Lisa lies about her evacuation route being cut off and tries to kill Cissy to try and win Archie back because of her deep abandonment issues that make her think she can't find anybody else who won't leave her. Sam arrives and tackles Lisa just as she is about to deliver the fatal blow to a stunned Cissy. Lisa, in turns, tries to kill Cissy, Archie, and then herself, but Sam, as Sherriff Necaise, is able to stop her.