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Arnold Watkins
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Nickname Arnie
Born: 1937, presumed
college student who pretended to be the "Midnight Marauder", a local TV program superhero, while performing pranks on campus, that Sam has to save from dying in a hazing incident.
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Episodes appeared in: "Return of The Evil Leaper" in Season 5
Character played by: Tristan Tait

Arnold Watkins was a college student who pretended to be the "Midnight Marauder". He was saved by Sam from dying. Sam has to persuade a fraternity to stop using chicken races as a part of their hazing ceremonies, while Al tries to convince Arnold to stop trying to get himself killed in retaliation for his parents' deaths twelve years earlier.


Sam seeing Arnold in the mirror.

In Arnolds, childhood, one day, when his family was eating at a diner, he noticed that he had forgot his jacket in the car. When he returned from the car, he saw how a man shot himself in the head, after having murdered Arnold's family; when Arnold observed them laying dead, it resulted in him suffering life-long emotional trauma from it.

Later, when he went to college, he invented an alter ego for himself, the "Midnight Marauder". He started to protect the innocent, and over time it went to the others student's nerves. One day he tried to stop a car race. That's when Sam leaped into him, his task being to change Arnold's life.

In the Waiting Room, Al had a hard time talking to Arnold, because of the Midnight Marauder stuff. Eventually though, Al got through Arnold and made him face his childhood trauma, in an effort to make him stop taking stupid risks as what Al sarcastically the "Midnight Morotter". This worked and Arnold leaped back.

Not much is known about his life after that, except that he didn't make anymore stupid risks and is presumed to have lived a long life.