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Beth Calavicci
Beth Calavicci (Susan Diol) in scene from "Quantum Leap"
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Naval Officer and Burn Ward Nurse (1969)
Spouse(s): Albert Calavicci
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Character played by: Susan Diol

Beth Calavicci (played by Susan Diol) is Al's wife, and the only woman Al has ever really loved. Beth was a US Navy nursing officer while Al was a pilot. They married in 1961, but due to their differing duty assignments they only cohabited for a total of 2 years before the end of the decade.

About Beth and Al[]

On Al's second tour of duty in Vietnam, he was shot down and taken captive; Beth had no way of knowing if he was still alive. While serving at the Naval Hospital in San Diego in April 1969, a very lonely Beth met Dirk Simon and fell in love.

In the original history, Dirk, a lawyer, convinced Beth to declare her (presumed) lost husband legally dead and file for a divorce from him. A few months later, the two marry.

Beth's abandonment of her relationship with Al sent Al's life into a downward emotional spiral. Though he would marry several more times, he never forgot Beth, and considered her the one who got away.

Before leaping into the unknown in the series finale, Dr. Sam Beckett re-leaped back to 1969 as himself to inform Beth that Al was not dead, but was indeed coming home. As a result, Beth never remarried. Instead, she and Al stayed together, had four daughters, and celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary in June 2000.

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