Buddy Wright
Buddy Wright in "What Price Gloria?"
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Automoblie designer
Chauvanistic sort who loves to hire seceraties for their beauty than their credentials
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Episodes appeared in: "What Price Gloria?"
Character played by: John Calvin

Buddy Wright was a successful automobile designer who appears in the episode of Quantum Leap titled "What Price Gloria?".

Biography Edit

Nothing is known of Buddy Wright's past or childhood. At some point he became a leading car designer who hired beautiful secretaries more for their pulchritude than their credentials. He was especially interested in Samantha, his best secretary and often tried to start something with her.

Buddy once promised Gloria Collins to leave his original wife and marry her instead. But Gloria found out that Buddy lied and it would cause Gloria to attempt a suicide.

Buddy was humiliated and punched by Sam when he had leaped into Samantha. Nothing is known of Buddy's life after Sam leaped again.

Personality Edit

Buddy was a chauvanistic type, a manipulative person who knew how to trick and manipulate women. He talked softly and with determination. Buddy was also very deceiving.

Appearances Edit

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