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Clarence "Kid" Cody
Sam sees leapee Kid Cody.png
Sam looks into his locker room mirror to see he's leaped into boxer "Kid" Cody (Michael Strasser) in "The Right Hand of God" in Season 1 (ep.#4).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Professional boxer in Sacremento, CA, in 1974
gets leaped into by Dr. Samuel Beckett, who tries to make him honor his promise to a group of nuns from a local parish led by his new manager, Sister Angela, to win a city boxing championship match to earn funds needed for a new chapel
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "The Right Hand of God" (Season 1, episode #4)
Character played by: Michael Strasser

Clarence "Kid" Cody is a leapee character who was portrayed by Michael Strasser in "The Right Hand of God" in Season One of Quantum Leap.

About "Kid" Cody[]

Having leaped into Kid Cody, a boxer on the take from Sacremento, CA, in 1974, Dr. Beckett has to win the championship to fund a new church for his trainers, a group of nuns. One of them, Sister Angela (played by Michelle Joyner), is excitedly placing her hopes in Sam that he will win the city heavyweight boxing tournament championship so the nuns can build a chapel to help the poor.

In spite his reservations, Sam muses to Al that he believes that his mission must be to win the championship match. Sam must face a crooked local boxing promoter and bookie Jake Edwards (Guy Stockwell) who counts on him to take dives or win rigged bouts for him, as he then threatens him if he gets the notion of putting up an honest effort to win the local championship match he's supposed to intentionally lose, and win the local heavyweight boxing title, which Sam has decided on doing to ensure that Clarence, who promised to help Sister Angela and the parish get that new chapel, makes good on his promise, as in the original history of events, he caved in to Jake's pressures and threats to throw the bout, and the chapel closed, which also caused Angela to quit her career as a nun.

Problem being, is that Sam must learn how to fight well enough to have a "fighting chance" to win the match, as Al tries to coach him on his form, as Cody's trainer, Mr. Gomez (Alex Colon), who has trained him in the bouts he's thrown for Jake, and vowed, after the last bought Cody had, which Sam leaped into and won with a knockout, was their last fight together, reluctantly hangs on and trains him to try to actually win the match.

With the help of several trainers, streaking, and Al's appearance in the ring to guide his punches, Sam wins the bout and finances the chapel.