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Daniel "Doc" Young
Sloan Fischer as leapee Daniel Young.jpg
Leapee Daniel "Doc" Young, played by Sloan Fischer
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Veterinarian, Texas ranch, in 1956
Sam, who leaps into him to ensure that he competes in a "cowboy contest", which he's coerced into, to decide which man (and the right man) whom the prize, ranch hand Tess McGill, the daughter of Chance McGill, the ranch owner, whom Doc works for, will marry
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "How The Tess Was Won" (Season 1)
Character played by: Sloan Fischer as the leapee

Daniel "Doc" Young, a Texas ranch veterianrian which Dr. Samuel Beckett leaps into, appears in the Season 1 episode of Quantum Leap titled "How The Tess Was Won". The part of the leapee Doc is played in the episode by Sloan Fischer.

Sam looking into the mirror to see his leapee counterpart in "How The Tess Was Won".

About Doc[]

Sam leaps into "Doc", who's a veteranian working on a Texas in 1956, who's coerced into entering a cowboy contest in order to marry the ranch owner's daughter, Tess McGill. ranch while standing in a muddy pig pen and carrying a sick, screaming piglet. As Sam attempts to subdue the piglet, he overhears the ranch owner, Chance McGill (Lance LeGault), arguing with his daughter. Chance implores Tess to get married and produce heirs so that the ranch may continue running into the future. Tess, an accomplished cowgirl, is adamantly opposed to marriage. However, she agrees to marry any man who can beat her in a cowboy contest, though retains the right to choose her competitor. She picks Doc, or, Sam as Doc, convinced that his counterpart, Doc, has no chance of beating her. Chance approaches Sam with the offer, but Sam flatly refuses as he takes the sick piglet home with him.

Al, with Ziggy's help, tells Sam that Tess will marry the man who writes her love letters. Sam stumbles through Doc's drawer and discovers that Doc has written a journal with passages revealing his love for Tess. Though Sam argues that it is a journal, not love letters, Al insists and is persuaded that Tess is destined to marry Doc, until a "competitor" of sorts, Wayne (Marshall R. Teague), a cowboy who works on the ranch, and the guy who's supposed to challenge him in the cowboy contest for Tess, and who holds a clear animus for Sam, tricks him into riding Tess's prize Stallion, Widowmaker, which only Wayne could handle.

In the end, Sam gets his leapee out of a possible big snare if he would have won the contest, as it's revealed that Wayne who has affections for Tess has been writing her love letters all along, as they get married, instead of Tess marrying Doc.