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Diane Frost
Jane Sibbett as Diane Frost.png
Jane Sibbett as escaped fugitive Diane Frost in "A Hunting We Will Go" in Season 3 (ep.#18).
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Fugitive woman charged with embezzlement who seems to be quite adept at escaping her captors, including Sam's leapee, bountyhunter Gordon O'Reilly
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Character played by: Jane Sibbett

Diane Frost is a character who appears in the Season 3 episode of Quantum Leap titled "A Hunting We Will Go" (episode #18). The part of Diane is played in the episode by Jane Sibbett.

About Diane[]

Sam leaps into 1976 Arkansas, into a bountyhunter named Gordon O'Reilly (Gordon the leapee is played in a cameo mirror image appearance by Ken Kells), who is charged with the arduous task of transporting escaped fugitive Diane, who was accused, tried and convicted of embezzlement of funds from her former employer, Rodney Owens (Ken Marshall), who made a career of swindling elderly people, such as her mother was swindled, out of their money; Diane had stolen back the amount of money her former boss had taken from her mother, which amounted to about $1,000,000 in checks, with the intent to return the money to her mother and all of the other people that her former boss swindled from them. Through Ziggy, Al is able to warn Sam that Diane, in the original history of events, killed Gordon in escaping justice again, and then got killed herself.

Sam realizes soon after his leap into Gordon that his mission is not only to protect Diane from the wrath of her former boss, but, instead of delivering her to jail as his new job description, via his leapee, entails, but rather, to vindicate her name, but not so much as to prove or disprove her guilt in the embezzlement conviction, but to vindicate her as to the reason why she did what she did, as it's later revealed in the episode that the sheriff whom Gordon was employed by, Sheriff Michaels (Cliff Bemis) is on the take, having made a deal with Rodney to apprehend Diane out of Gordon's hands, with the intent to kill her for stealing his ill-gotten gains, as the past history of events, in which Gordon is shot to death by Diane, and then she by Sheriff Micheals and Owens, is avoided as Sam and she are able to put down the threat to their life when Sam gets into a scuffile with Owens and takes his gun.

In the end, Diane's own toughness and escapbility in their whole ordeal together, influences her to train to become a bountyhunter herself, which she indeed does within the next several years, as Al reports to Sam, becoming one of the best in the business. As for her captors, both Michaels and Owens, get 15 years in the Arkansas State Penitentiary for the embezzlement and attempted murder charges.