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Dirk Riker
CDR Riker.png
CDR Riker (Charles Rocket) in the episode "A Leap For Lisa" in Season 4.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Alias(es) CDR Dirk Riker, USN
Naval officer
Al's morally bankrupt CO when stationed at Torrey Pines, NC in 1957 who becomes his chief nemesis, when Riker accused him of the murder/rape of his wife
Spouse(s): Marci Riker (wife)
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Episodes appeared in: "A Leap For Lisa" in Season 4
Character played by: Charles Rocket

Dirk Riker was a Commander in the United States Navy and the commanding officer of a group of pilots at the Torrey Pines Naval Base in 1957. Riker accused Al Calavicci, then an ensign, of the murder of his wife Marci Riker in the Quantum Leap Season Four episode titled "A Leap For Lisa". The part of Riker was played by former Saturday Night Live (SNL) player, actor/comedian Charles Rocket.

Personal life[]

Personally, Riker appeared to be a rather cold, calculating man. He was, by all accounts, an excellent pilot and commander, but was not very approachable. Riker and his wife, Marci, had a very unconventional marriage - not only did Marci sleep with every one of the men under her husband's command, Riker himself had no problem with it, as he knew all along about his wife's sexual proclivities and (coupled with his own) this left only pleasure in their marriage.

However, when Sam Beckett leaped in as Al, then a young Navy ensign, Riker accused him of murdering Marci. Riker visits "Al" in his quarters and says that he saw the whole thing. Riker promises to testify to this in court - that he saw Al rape and murder Marci on a cliff above the beach. Older Al vehemently denies this (indeed, Al was the only pilot who refused Marci's advances, since Al was in a relationship with Lisa Sherman, a nurse), but Riker says he will make it his personal mission in life to see Al executed in the gas chamber.

At the trial, Al's lawyer, Dobbs, asks how Riker could have possibly seen the attack from 200 feet away - in the dark - but Riker insists it's true. Riker says he saw Marci get into Al's car at the officer's club and then drive away, and Riker followed them to the cliff. When Dobbs asks why Riker didn't stop the attack, the commander bitterly replies, "Because she deserved it."

Eventually, the entire sequence of events (including Marci's murder) was undone when young Al (in the Imaging Chamber) leaps into his earlier self, with explicit instructions not to let his friend Chip - Marci's actual killer - out of his sight. Marci's life, her marriage to Riker, and Riker's own career, are saved.