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Dixie, Kid Cody's girlfriend
Teri Copley as Dixie.png
Teri Copley as "Dixie" in "The Right Hand of God" in Season 1 (ep.#4).
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Stripper in Sacremento, California, in 1974
Live-in girlfriend of Sam's leapee, a pro boxer, who had been taking dives for a crooked local boxing promoter, until he agrees to win his next bout in earnest, a local boxing championship, which if he wins outright, will help a local Catholic parish build a new chapel; Dixie creates a diversion when she streaks naked for the fight fans, which creates a distraction to her boyfriend's opponent
Domestic partner(s): Clarence "Kid" Cody (live-in boyfriend)
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "The Right Hand of God" (Season 1, episode #4)
Character played by: Teri Copley

Dixie, a stripper, is a character who appears in the Season 1 episode of Quantum Leap titled "The Right Hand of God". The part of Dixie is played in the episode by Teri Copley.

About Dixie & Kid Cody[]

Sam leaps into the body of Clarence "Kid" Cody, a boxer, who usually on the take to either take dives or win in fixed matches for local boxing promoter Jake Edwards, who pressures him into doing so, until a chance meeting with Sister Angela (Michelle Joyner), who agrees to become his new manager in return for the promise that he, who is about to fight in an upcoming match for a city heavyweight boxing championship belt, would donate part of his winnings to help Angela and the other nuns at the local parish where she works at to build a new chapel to replace the present one, which is ill-equipped to house and serve the needs of the poor in the community, as well as in a state of disrepair.

Dixie, Cody's live-in girlfrined, is a stripper who is helping Cody save money so they can both buy a donut shop together. However, Cody owes money to local bookie, Roscoe (Jon Gries, in an uncredited appearance), which Dixie repays. Sam then tells her he must move in with the nuns so he can train for the championship fight.

During the championship fight, Sam's opponent is Tiger Joe Jackson (Roger Hewlett). Initially, Aftet gaining the upper hand, Sam gets back up. At his instruction, Dixie streaks for the crowd, creating a diversion which allows Sam to overcome Jackson. Finally, with Al's help, Sam applies the finishing jabs and manages to knock Jackson out, winning the match. After the match, Dixie tells Sam they have won $48,000 for betting the correct round in which Muhammad Ali would defeat George Foreman in their famous bout which had occurred that day. It was this round, in fact, which Sam had asked Edwards to bet on earlier but Edwards had refused.

Sam and Dixie plan to apportion $20,000 of the winnings for themselves, $20,000 for the nuns and the rest for Edwards, as repayment for the money he gave Cody to take dives. Dixie and Edwards leave the room to collect their money from Roscoe, who placed the bet. Meanwhile, Sister Angela enters the room and apologises to Sam for doubting him as well as thanking him for winning the championship so she can now build her chapel. With that, Sam makes his next leap.