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Edward St. John V
Edward St John (Roddy McDowall) with the Handlink
Personal Information
Computer programmer
Former Head Programmer of Project Quantum Leap, who temporarily replaced Al Calavicci as the hologram guide for Sam Beckett
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Episodes appeared in: "A Leap For Lisa"
Character played by: Roddy McDowall

Edward St. John V was a former Head Programmer of the Quantum Leap Project, who came up with the concept which gave Dr. Sam Beckett the inspiration for the design of the original leaping chamber. He appeared briefly in the episode "A Leap For Lisa" when Al's fate was changed temporarily. He had a quiet voice and called Sam by his given name, Samuel, much to Sam's dismay. Luckily Sam, with Edward's help, succeeds in changing Al's fate, or, more precisely, Young "Bingo" Calavicci's fate at the 1957 Courts Martial trial, so that he returned to existence as his observer in 1999. Little, if anything else is revealed about Edward and his status. The Part of St. John was played by veteran actor Roddy McDowall.

About Edward[]

Sam briefly changed Al's future by leaping into the younger he, Ensign "Bingo" Calavicci in 1957, during a Courts Martial where he was accused by his then commanding officer, CDR Riker, of raping and murdering his wife wrongly. Al was briefly replaced by St. John, a stiff upper-crust British gentleman and former Project Quantum Leap Head Programmer, who preferred old-fashioned suits. He called Sam "Samuel," which did not go over well with the erstwile time traveler. During this time Sam began to lose his memory of Al, in spite of his best efforts. He had no idea who St. John, who he knew of as the project's original head programmer, was, until Edward revealed his identity to him. At one point, St. John called the young Navy Lt. Al, or "Bingo", a "satyr" after he started eyeing and ogling over Tina, Goohsie's wife, who, in the brief change in his future and history, was unmarried. Edward couldn' t believe, in the original timeline, where he doesn't appear, that Tina is wed to Gooshie. After Sam righted history, Al reappears.

In the restored future timeline, after Gooshie had died, Ziggy searched for his replacement and found Sinjin, Edward's son. He was the new Head Programmer for several years before his untimely death.