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Frankie La Palma
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Sam (right) as Frankie La Palma, a Brooklyn hit-man who he leaps into to prevent the murder of brother Primo in the episode titled "Double Identity" in Season one.
Personal Information
South Brooklyn hit man underling of boss Don Geno Frascotti, who suspects he's been having an affair with his girlfriend Teresa Pacci, which earns Don Geno's wrath in the process
Related to: Tony La Palma (father)
Momma La Palma (grandmother)
Primo La Palma (brother)
Segundo La Palma (brother)
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Double Identity"
Character played by: Scott Bakula as Sam in the leap into Frankie
Page Moseley as the leapee

Francesco 'Frankie' La Palma is a handsome mafia hitman involved in a dangerous tryst with the lover of crime boss, Don Geno Frascotti. Sam, who leaps into Frankie in the episode "Double Identity", on February 8, 1965, must avoid the wrath of Geno, while also following Ziggy's instructions, who has formulated a theory to help retrieve him...Actor Page Moseley makes an appearance as the actual Frankie, which Sam leaps into to save his brother Primo's life; for he met with a tragic end to his life at the hands of Don Vito in the original sequences of February 8 of that year.

Page Moseley, left, as Frankie in Sam's after leap mirror image as Frankie

About Frankie[]

Sam, who finds that he's leaped into 1965 Brooklyn, NY, into Frankie, who's an underling of feared mafia boss Don Geno Frascotti (Mike Genovese), who's been carrying on a hot affair with a one Teresa Pacci, Don Geno's girlfriend, behind Geno's back, must avoid the wrath of Geno, while also following Ziggy's instructions, who has formulated a theory to help retrieve him by having Sam, as Frankie, tell Geno "what he wants to hear" that his affair with Teresa was his father's Tony's idea to send him to the salon to meet with Teresa; this, for now, at least, staves off the Don's wrath at Frankie, while saving Primo from Don Geno, who, in the original events before Sam's leap into Frankie, had Primo "wacked", thinking that he was the man whom Teresa was cheating on him with.

Later in Geno's attic, Teresa and Sam, or Frankie, are making out while a power outage, which was caused by Frankie's brothers Primo and Segundo La Palma, who drove to Buffalo to cause it by stealing of the salon's hairdyers and pluging it into a wall socket at a college fraternity room there, which eventually would spread across the entire East Coast, spreads in the neighborhood. Uncomfortable about lying, he admits to her that he is not the same Frankie she knows. Teresa says it doesn't matter if he lies; she is used to men lying to her. Sam tells her she is special and deserves better as they begin to kiss, until Geno arrives and holds them at gunpoint.

Sam takes responsibility for the affair, telling Geno he insisted on bringing Teresa to the attic, despite her refusal. Geno replies that he respects a man who faces his death with honesty. Teresa intercedes and tells Geno she was the one who wanted to come to the attic. As Geno is about to shoot them, the power outage suddenly reaches his home and knocks out the lights. Sam uses the distraction to grab Geno's gun, and the two wrestle for control. As they do so, Sam suddenly leaps out of Frankie and into Don Geno. Suffering amnesia, the real Frankie appears, and upon seeing Sam/Geno he pleads their innocence.