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You're not that desperate.
~ Sam as Samantha
Gloria Collins
Gloria Collins (Jean Sagal) in episode titled "What Price Gloria?"
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Born: Presumably 1934
Secretary, Car Designer
Hometown Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Episodes appeared in: "What Price Gloria?" in Season 2
Character played by: Jean Sagal

Gloria Collins was a young secretary in Detroit. MI. who appears in the episode of Quantum Leap titled "What Price Gloria?" The part of Gloria is played by Jean Sagal, who co-starred with her twin sister Liz Sagal in the short-lived NBC-TV series "Double Trouble" in 1984-85; the two are also sisters of former Married with Children and 8 Simple Rules co-star Katey Sagal.


Not much is known about Gloria's past. She had great dreams of marrying a man with who she would have a couple of kids and move into their own house.

Gloria became a secretary in Detroit, MI, about nine years before Sam leaped into Samantha. She was presumably about 18 years old then. She took the job only to meet single men, because she wanted to get married. Gloria lived in an apartment together with her roommate Samantha; they were best friends.

Gloria thought that she was going to get married to Buddy Wright, when she was about 27 years old. Sam knew that there would be no marriage and that Gloria would commit suicide after she found out. Gloria did try to commit suicide on 18 October 1961, but Sam prevented it and saved her.

Gloria later married Parker, whom she met earlier, and they had a couple of children. They moved to Florida into their own house and presumably lived happily. Gloria also became a Car Designer.

Original History[]

In the original history, Gloria committed suicide on 18 October 1961. This was why Sam leaped into her roommate, and he did succeed in making Gloria's life better.


Gloria lacked self-confidence and did not think herself as beautiful. She was prepared to go to great lengths to achieve her dreams. Gloria easily became excited about certain things.