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Gomez, Kid Cody's trainer
Alex Colon as Gomez.png
Alex Colon as Mr. Gomez in "The Right Hand of God" in Season 1 (ep.#4).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Former pro boxer and trainer in Sacremento, California, in 1974
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "The Right Hand of God" (Season 1, episode #4)
Character played by: Alex Colon

Alex Colon, a boxing trainer, is a character who appears in the Season 1 episode of Quantum Leap titled "The Right Hand of God". The part of Gomez is played in the episode by Alex Colon.

About Gomez[]

Sam leaps into the body of Clarence "Kid" Cody, a boxer, who usually on the take to either take dives or win in fixed matches for local boxing promoter Jake Edwards, who pressures him into doing so, until a chance meeting with Sister Angela (Michelle Joyner), who agrees to become his new manager in return for the promise that he, who is about to fight in an upcoming match for a city heavyweight boxing championship belt, would donate part of his winnings to help Angela and the other nuns at the local parish where she works at to build a new chapel to replace the present one, which is ill-equipped to house and serve the needs of the poor in the community, as well as in a state of disrepair.

Angela, who befriended leapee Clarence's former manager, a wealthy parishioner who had recently died, and who had bequeathed her and her sisters at the parish the rights to manage Kid Cody; when Sam meets her and learns of the deal, it seems to him and Al, that it's going to be an uphill battle and a longshot of getting Sam, who admits that he's out of shape and doesn't know how to box at all, in shape and proficient enough in his boxing skills to defeat his opponent in the upcouming bout, as Sam goes to a local bar, to try get his leapee's trainer, Mr. Gomez, who has trained him in the bouts he's thrown for Jake, to hang on as his trainer.

Gomez had vowed, when Sam goes to meet him the bar, that, after becoming fed up with training Kid Cody and others for fights that were rigged by Edwards, after the last bought Cody had, which Sam leaped into and won with a knockout that Cody was rigged to win anyway, was absolutely going to be their last fight together.

When Jake enters the bar, and orders drinks for Sam and Gomez, he reveals that Gomez once boxed in rigged fights for him, citing one bout which he describes the bout as the "you should've gotten yourself an Academy Award!!", as Gomez changes his mind about not continuing to train Cody saying "you've got yourself a manager!"