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Gooshie is a computer programmer and the programmer of Ziggy. He began working with Sam Beckett in the Starbright Project and later helped him in Project Quantum Leap. The part of Gooshie was played by stand-up comedian and actor Dennis Wolfberg. Gooshie actually appears in a total of six episodes.

About Gooshie[]

Dr. Gushman attended M.I.T., where he majored in computer science and architecture from 1970 to 1974, which was where he met Sam and Professor Dr. Sebastian LoNigro and was then first introduced to the new concept of quantum computing.

After college, Irving went to work for the government as a private computer contractor. He was brought in for the Starbright Project in 1982 by Assistant Director Albert Calavicci. He did the main programming on the quantum computing mainframe which he named SID (System Interface Database). He also chose that name from the cat in the comic strip "Ziggy".


  • Gooshie was often described as a "little guy with bad breath". Diagnosed with severe sinusitis while he was in college. Using antibiotics and corticosteroids, he was able to suppress all of the symptoms except for halitosis, also known as chronic bad breath.
  • The name "Dr. Irving Gushman" was taken from the non-canon Quantum Leap novel, “Song and Dance”.