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Hank Rickett
Sherman Howard as Hank Rickett.png
Sherman Howard as Hank Rickett
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Poultry shop/factory owner
  • Is strictly against his wife going back to college, as she's unsatisfied in life just as a housewife and mother
  • Almost dies after getting stuck on a cliff on a vacation which the family takes, as Sam, as their son, both are able to rescue her
  • Spouse(s): Emma Rickett
    Related to: Butchie Rickett (son)
    Alexandra Rickett (daughter)
    Character information
    Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
    Episodes appeared in: "Runaway"
    Character played by: Sherman Howard

    Hank Rickett is a character who appears in the Season 3 episode of Quantum Leap titled "Runaway". The part of Hank is played in the episode by Sherman Howard.

    About Hank[]

    When Sam leaps into Hank's son Butchie Rickett (leapee played by Frank Borin), he first believes that he's there to simply persuade Hank's wife Emma (Sandy Faison) to become more independent of Hank, Butchie's dad, who, when they got married, persuaded her into a life as a homemaker and mom to Butchie and sister Alexandra (Ami Foster). When Sam tries to persuade Emma to go back to school, which has been long, Hank, who is dead set against her doing so, tries to put his foot down, as they get into a big argument about the subject when they are on vacation in the Wyoming mountains. It seems that Emma has already been developing ideas of how she wants to live her life that seems to be more independent of her husband as she's been reading "The Feminist Mystique" by Betty Friedan, which Sam, as Butchie, discovered on the family drive to Wyoming.

    When the Ricketts run into an old acquaintance of Hank and Emma named Billy McCann (Joseph Hacker), it looks like Emma may be taking a shine to him, as it's feared by the rest of the family that she will leave Hank; he even conftronts Billy, threating him telling him not to set one foot near his wife again". While Hank's very proud of owning his own poultry factory, He's still intimidated by the old suitor's doctorate and more prestigious career.

    When Emma then decides up into the forest to collect her thoughts after another fight with Hank, where he, after angrily asking her about the book she was reading and tossing it to the ground, it was feared that she may have ran off with Billy, but, in actuality, as the original events before Sam's leap into the situation, what turned out that Emma is in danger, as she got stuck on a cliff, as she had originally had fallen from it. Sam, as her son Butchie, and Hank are able to rescue her as it serves to keep the family intact and draws Emma and Hank to reconcile their differences, as he allows her to follow her dreams of going back to school.