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Jake Edwards
Guy Stockwell as Jake Edwards.png
Guy Stockwell as Jake Edwards
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Boxing promoter/loan shark in Sarcramento, CA
Fixes bouts for profit, and pays the fighters he promotes to take dives, including Sam's leapee, Clarence "Kid" Cody
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "The Right Hand of God" (season 1)
Character played by: Guy Stockwell

Jake Edwards is a character who appears in the Season 1 episode of Quantum Leap titled "The Right Hand of God" (episode #4). The part of Edwards is played in the episode by Guy Stockwell, who also happens to be the big brother of series co-star Dean Stockwell, who plays the role of Al Calavicci on the series.

About Jake[]

In the episode, which Jake, who's a local loan shark and fight promoter who fixes boxing matches, appears, he attempts to fix a championship match which Sam, as his latest leapee, Clarence "Kid" Cody (Michael Strasser) is to fight in, but this time, for a group of nuns in a local convent which is in danger of closing, as his rights was purchased by one of the nuns in the convent, a Sister Angela (Michelle Joyner). Anyway, Jake, who strongarms Sam into fixing the fight, as Sam thinks that Jake is going to kill him if he didn't quit and throw the fight. Jake responds to his fear by saying to him " I don't kill people. What do you think I am? We blow off your kneecaps. Give you a little wooden board with roller-skate wheels for the rest of your life!!"

When Sam, who tried to get Jake to wager on the Ali-Foreman fight, and his leapee Clarence's girlfriend Dixie (Teri Copley) win $48,000 for betting the correct round in which Muhammad Ali would defeat Foreman in the 8th round, it was the round which in fact, Sam had asked Edwards to bet on earlier but Edwards had refused.

Sam and Dixie plan to apportion $20,000 of the winnings for themselves, $20,000 for the nuns and the rest for Edwards, as repayment for the money he gave Cody to take dives. Dixie and Edwards leave the room to collect their money from bookie Roscoe (Jon Gries), who placed the bet.