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Joe Napolitano
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Joe Napolitano directed a total of 12 "QL" episodes in Seasons 2-4.
Personal Information
Birthname: Joseph Ralph Napolitano
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Career information
TV/Film director/producer
Appears on/involved with: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Job on series Directed 12 episodes in Seasons 2-4

Joe Napolitano (born November 24, 1948) directed a total of 12 episodes in Seasons 2 through 4 of Quantum Leap, beginning with the episode "Pool Hall Blues". Joe has worked in the film and television industries since the mid-1970s directing both TV films and multiple episodic series.


Napolitano's television credits along with Quantum Leap, includes two episodes of FOX-TV's The X-Files, two episodes of the CBS-TV series Picket Fences, three episodes of The Pretenders, two episodes of L.A. Doctors, two episodes of the WB's Dawson's Creek series, four episodes of FOX's Boston Public, and fourteen episodes of Strong Medicine, as well as the 1991 film Earth Angel, and the 1999 film Virus.[1][2][3][4] The film Contagious earned an American Latino Media Arts Award for actress Elizabeth Peña for 'Outstanding Actress in a Made-for-Television Movie or Mini-Series'.[5]

In the 1980s, Napolitano's work included acting as assistant director on feature film projects, working on films with directors Brian Hutton, Danny DeVito, Stuart Rosenberg, Donald P. Bellisario, Ron Howard, Howard Zieff, Terry Gilliam, Antoine Fuqua, and on multiple projects directed by Brian De Palma.[2]

Episodes directed by Napolitano[]

Season 2:'
  1. "Pool Hall Blues"
  2. "Sea Bride"
Season 3:
  1. "The Leap Home, Part I"
  2. "The Boogieman"
  3. "Black on White on Fire"
  4. "Heart of A Champion"
  5. "Shock Theater"
Season 4:
  1. "Play Ball"
  2. "The Wrong Stuff"
  3. "The Last Gunfighter"
  4. "Moments To Live"
  5. "The Curse of Ptah-Hotep"


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