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Laura Fuller
Meg Foster as Laura in "One Little Heart", the first episode of the "Trilogy" story arc in Season 5.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
  • Reviled with husband by Leta Aider, who blames daughter for the death of her husband and daughter Violet Aider in 1955
  • Was institutionalized by husband after the death of Violet
  • Spouse(s): Sheriff Clayton Fuller (deceased 1955)
    Related to: Sammy Jo Fuller (granddaughter, born 1966)
    Character information
    Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
    Episodes appeared in: "Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart" (Season 5)
    "Trilogy Part II: For Your Love" (Season 5)
    Character played by: Meg Foster

    Laura Blanchette Fuller appears in three episodes of Quantum Leap titled "Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart", "Trilogy Part II: For Your Love" and "Trilogy Part III: The Last Door". The part of Laura is played in the episodes by Meg Foster.

    About Laura[]

    Sam, as Sheriff Clayton Fuller, Laura's husband, visits the mental hospital where wife Laura is hospitalized in hopes of trying to get more insight into the psyche Leta Aider, who had, two years earlier in a heated argument with her, insulted her and called her crazy, saying that she should be committed and "not allowed to have anymore crazy children". Clayton had Laura committed after she was being tormented by Leta, who reviled she and Clayton, in blaming daughter Abigail Fuller for the death of her daughter Violet Aider.

    After unsuccessfully trying to get information from Laura, who was unresponsive, Al, with Ziggy's help, warns him that Leta is at the Fuller home, tormenting and threating Abigail, trying to get a murder confession out of her, as she then sets the home ablaze, it's now the sheriff's, or Sam's, mission to save and rescue Abigail from the house by breaking a bedroom window and getting her to jump out of it, as he is able to do so, confronting Leta, who is able to sneak out of a backroom door as the fire blazes before he, or the Sheriff, dies in the blaze, as he's frozen for a critical split second as he sees a vision of Laura in Leta, as a fiery wooden beam collapses and falls down from the ceiling, as Sam leaps.

    What Sam, as late husband Clayton couldn't get from wife Laura, he later gets in 1976. Sam this time, leaps into future son-in-law, Will Kinman, by this time, the deputy sheriff in the parish, as she can feel Sam's aura in the hospital room with them, as she also knows that her husband died in the fire in 1955, and she tries to warn him of the upcoming danger facing him and Abigail. Her testimony about Leta later helps attorney Lawrence "Larry" Stanton III, who was around in 1966, when Abigail was almost lynched by an angry mob led by Leta accusing her again of the 1955 deaths of Leta's family and a young neighborhood boy she was babysitting.