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Sam seeing the reflection of the Leapee in episode, "Camikazi Kid"

The Leapees are people into whom Sam leaps to correct a mistake in their lives. The Leapee is leaped into the Waiting Room in Sam's own time where Al and the other Project members take care of them and ask for more information while Sam has an adventure in the Leapee's life.

While Sam sees the Leapee from the mirror in the past, the Leapee sees the reflection of Sam in the mirror if he looks into one in Sam's time. This happened once in the comic, "Getaway".

The Leapee frightened under the Waiting Room table in episode, "Revenge of the Evil Leaper"

It has been questioned for a long time, what the Leapee remembers from his experience in the Waiting Room after he leaps back into his own life after Sam has completed a mission. The returning of a Leapee was seen only in the episode, "Double Identity". He seemed puzzled, as if he had got a "swiss-cheesed memory", kind of like Sam got when he first leaped. The Leapee most likely gets a portion of Sam's memory of the leap and thinks that everything that Sam did was done by himself. He invariably remembers very little about his experience in the Waiting Room. In the episodes, the Leapees are seen in mirror images when Sam looks into them.