Lee Harvey Oswald
Oswald Dallas Police mugshot-Nov 63.jpg

Oswald in Dallas Police Mugshot, November 1963
Personal Information
Nationality American
Born: (1939-10-18)October 18, 1939 in New Orleans, Louisians, U.S.
Died November 24, 1963(1963-11-24) (aged 24) at Parkland Memorial Hospital
in Dallas, Texas, U.S.

(from Abdominal gunshot wound from Jack Ruby)

asassin of President John F. Kennedy and Dallas Police Officer J. D. Tippit
Sam Beckett leaps into him, as the two's minds begin to meld as he tries to prevent Kennedy's asassiantion
Spouse(s): Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova
(m. 1961–1963, his death)
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Lee Harvey Oswald, Part I" and "Lee Harvey Oswald, Part II" (Season 5)
Character played by: Willie Garson (as leapee)
Scott Bakula (as Dr. Samuel Beckett, the leaper)

Lee Harvey Oswald (born on October 18, 1939-died November 24, 1963) was the sniper who assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963. Dr. Beckett leaps into various points in the life of Oswald (played by Willie Garson) in the two-episode story "Lee Harvey Oswald, Part I" and "Lee Harvey Oswald, Part II", at the beginning of Season 5 of Quantum Leap".

Quick biography

Born to Robert and Marguerite Oswald in New Orleans, LA, Oswald was a former U.S. Marine who defected to the Soviet Union in October 1959. He lived in the Soviet Union until June 1962, at which time he returned to the United States. He assassinated President Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Oswald was initially arrested for the murder of police officer J. D. Tippit, whom he killed on a Dallas street approximately 45 minutes after shooting President Kennedy. Oswald would later be charged with the murder of President Kennedy; he denied shooting anybody, saying that he was a patsy. Two days later, while being transferred from police headquarters to the county jail, Oswald was shot and mortally wounded by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby in full view of television cameras broadcasting live.

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