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The brain of Lothos, the "evil" computer counterpart of Ziggy, used in the "Evil Leaper" project.
Personal Information
Super hybrid computer which runs the Evil Leaper project; Evil counterpart to the work of the Quantum Leap Project's computer, Ziggy
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Episodes appeared in: 3 episodes in Season 5, beginning with "Deliver Us From Evil"
Character played by: only mentioned in the 3 episodes

Lothos is the artificial intelligence designed to run the Evil Leaper Project. Like his Project Quantum Leap counterpart Ziggy, Lothos is able to predict the likely outcome of historical changes by the leapers, and observers from his present can communicate with him through a hand-held device.

However, unlike Ziggy, Lothos seems to be in control of the leaps, deciding where and when people leap to, and picking their missions. It is also implied that Lothos controls multiple Leapers at a time. However, it is also implied that the leaps are at least partially controlled by some other entity (presumably The Devil), much like Sam's leaps are presumed to be determined by God.