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Michelle Joyner
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Michelle Joyner appears as Sister Angela, a Catholic parish nun, who's seeking to raise the money to build a new parish chapel, gets helped by Sam, who leaps into boxer Clarence "Kid" Cody, buy winning a fight in a local area championship match in 1974 San Franciso in "The Right Hand of God" in Season 1.

Personal Information
Gender: Female
Born: (1961-09-17) September 17, 1961 (age 60)
Birthplace: Sacremento, CA, U.S.
Years active: 1983-present
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Character played: Sister Angela in "The Right Hand of God" in Season 4

Michelle Joyner (born September 17, 1961) [1] appears on Quantum Leap in the part of Sister Angela, a catholic parish nun who manages a boxer, clarence "Kid" Cody, whom Dr. Beckett leaps into in 1974 to assure he makes good on his promise to win a local championship match to win the money to help build a new chapel for the parish in the Season One episode titled "The Right Hand of God" (episode #4).


Michelle is perhaps best known for her numerous guest appearances on such shows as Touched by an Angel, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, The X-Files, Millennium, and Quantum leap. Her numerous film appearances include roles in the films I Love You to Death (1990), Cliffhanger, starring Sylvester Stallone (1993), Outbreak, with Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Rene Russo, Cuba Gooding and Dustin Hoffman (1995), Painted Hero (1997), The Amanti Girls (2000), and, most recently, The Cheerleader Murders in 2016.

Personal life[]

Michelle has been married to Robert H. Egan since 2001. They have four children, and they currently reside in New York City.


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