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Sebastian LoNigro
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Professor LoNigro, after having been told "It works" by Sam.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Sam's college professor, whom he tries to tell that the "string-theory" which the two developed together which made time leaping possible
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Her Charm" (Season 2)
Character played by: James Hardie

Professor Sebastian LoNigro was Sam's mentor at MIT and co-creator of the string theory that underpins quantum leaping. In the episode "Her Charm". Dr. Samuel Beckett uses LoNigro's cabin to hide out with a woman who is under witness protection. At the end of the episode the Professor discovers the two in his cabin. Sam reveals to him that their theory works.

The part of Professor LoNigro is played in the episode "Her Charm" by James Hardie.

About the Professor[]

When Sam leaps into FBI Agent Peter Langly who's trying to Dana Barrenger, a woman who testified against a one Nick Kochifos, a dangerous criminal she used to work for, he chooses to hide out in the cabin of his mentor from MIT Professor LoNigro, it is revealed during the episode that he and Sam first formulated the string hypothesis that underpins the Project Quantum Leap together, in that very cabin.

After Sam completes his duties he fails to leap, it is only when Professor LoNigro enters the cabin to find Peter and Dana, that Sam gets an opportunity to tell him, as he doesn't know who Sam is, that the string theory "works".

Earlier in the episode Sam mentioned the last time he visited the cabin was some months from the time period in which the episode is taking place. This leaves the possibility that Sebastian had invited Sam to his cabin to formulate the theory because the future Sam had already informed him of its success; effectively making the force that's driving Sam responsible for quantum leap's creation. Perhaps LoNigro got the message through Sam, as Peter.