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Quantum Leap:A Leap to Di for
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'Quantuam Leap-A Leap To Di For opening title screenshot.
Film Information
Directed By: Christopher Allen
Written by: Christopher Allen
Based upon: Story written by Allen
Cast Information
Producer: Christopher Allen (executive producer)
Starring: Deborah Pratt
Joshua Ramsey
Ed Ernstes
LaDonna Pettijohn
Theme music: N/A
Edited by: N/A
Cinematographer: Greg Fauvergue (director of photography) 
Studio: RACSO Motion Pictures, Project Quantum Leap
Distribution and Box Office
Distributed by: IUPUI, Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.
Release Date: March 27, 2009
Running time: 43 minutes
Language: English
Budget: $30,000 - very small budget
Box office gross: N/A - Released to DVD/VHS video, then the public domain

Quantum Leap: A Leap To Di For was a 2009 independent film adaptation based upon the American TV series Quantum Leap, which starred Joshua Ramsey as Dr. Sam Beckett Ed Ernstes as Al. LaDonna Pettijohn as Dr. Samantha "Sammy Jo" Fuller and Chelsea Rogers as Princess Diana. Deborah Pratt returns as the voice of Ziggy in this low-budget. 43 minute film which was produced by Indianapolis, IN based RASCO films, with a public screening for fans of the series that year. Due to its small budget, the film, which was never released to theatres, went straight to DVD/VHS video by Indianapolis-based IUPUI Distributors, and then to the public domain; it can now be viewed on YouTube in parts as well.

Plot Summary[]

Sam Beckett has leapt into a 26-year-old American male on a visit to Paris, France. Finding himself with a beautiful young British girl, all seems well until Sam discovers the exact date... August 30, 1997, twenty-four hours before the death of Princess Diana.

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