Standard U.S. English Edit

  • Use standard U.S. English, to include U.S. spelling, because Quantum Leap is produced in the United States. Quantum Leap Wiki is not a blog.

Titles for Articles Edit


Sword of Truth
The Taming of The Shrew
Of Mice and Men
And Then There Were None
The Same Old Story

Referring to Other Episodes Edit

  • Use the Ep template (format {{ep|1|01}} echoes Genesis: Part I to the screen) to refer to episodes from within another article or other page as a part of continuous text.

Character/Actor NamesEdit

Real People (Cast / Crew)Edit

Names of people in real life should have their article be in the following format:


Names of characters within Quantum Leap should have their article be in the following format:
  • Firstname Surname for example "Samuel Beckett".
  • Firstname Middlename Surname for example "Robert Albert Hobbes"

Linking to Real People Edit

See the following example to link an article to a actor/actress or a member of the crew


Template:C Examples

Categories Edit

Charcters, Cast & Crew Edit

  • Cast and Crew are listed alphabetically by surname.
  • Characters are listed alphabetically by first name.

Category: Cast & Crew Edit

The Category Cast & Crew is for subdirectories only. No articles / pages should be added to this category.

Hidden Categories Edit

see: Hidden Categories

Here are some hints and the guide, how to edit and create pages.

Point of View Edit

All articles should be written from neutral point of view, and in the current time, meaning that all the things that have happened, really HAVE happened IN THE PAST.

Characters Edit

Character pages should include a character template (copy it from another character article), the characters history and story, personality and description and correct list of appearances, meaning in what Episodes, Books, Comics they have been featured in...

Locations Edit

Pages about places should include a location template (doesn't exist yet), description, images and history. And like the character articles, places also need a list of appearances.