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Richard C. Okie
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.
Career information
TV producer, director and screenwriter
Years active: 1984-present
Appears on/involved with: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Job on series Screenwriter/Producer

Richard C. Okie (born Janury 1, 1953) wrote or co-wrote a total of six episodes:of Quantum Leap in Seasons 4 and 5; he also served as a supervising producer in 22 episodes in the final two seasons. Richard, in addition to his work on QL, has, as a writer, a vast resume to his credits, as he has also directed and/or written episodes for such popular TV shows as Knight Rider, Dennis the Menace, Simon & Simon (he also served as a producer for the shows final 3 seasons), Earth: Final Conflict (he also produced 22 episodes), Major Dad (he also produced three episodes), and more recently the CBS-TV series Elementary, for which he also presently serves as a supervising producer.

Episodes written by Richard Okie

  1. "A Single Drop of Rain" (Season 4, wrote story and teleplay)
  2. "Leaping of The Shrew (episode)" (Season 5(
  3. "Star Light, Star Bright (episode)
  4. "Return of The Evil Leaper (episode)" (Season 5(
  5. "Goodbye Norma Jean (episode)" (Season 5)
  6. "The Leap Between The States (episode)" (Season 5)

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