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"Running For Honor"
Al helping Sam "Run for Honor".

Al helping Sam "Run for Honor".

Episode No.   Season
65 4x12 Four
Episode Information
Original Broadcast Date January 15, 1992
IMDB: IMDb logo.png Running For Honor
Written by: Bobby Duncan
Directed by: Bob Hulme
Leap Information
Leap Date: June 11, 1964
Place: Prescott College; Lakeside, Michigan, U.S.
Leapee: Thomas York
Chronological Information
Preceded by: "The Play's The Thing"
Followed by: "Temptation Eyes"

Running For Honor was the 12th episode in Season 4 of the TV series Quantum Leap (TV series), also the 65th overall series episode. Written by Bobby Duncan, the episode, which was directed by Bob Hulme, premiered on NBC-TV on January 15, 1992.

Guest Cast: John Finn, Sean O'Bryan, Anthony Palermo, John Roselius, Lisa Lawrence


As a track star in a Navy college, Sam must prevent the death of his ex- roommate, who was expelled because he was gay, and who is slated to die at the hands of a group of bigoted cadets.


Sam leaps into a Naval Academy track star named Tommy York on the eve of a big competition. The race has grown into something of a grudge match—his school, Prescott Academy, has been losing to a rival school for years. But Sam is there to grapple with grudges far more insidious: Tommy's roommate and good friend Phillip has been expelled from Prescott... for being gay. Considered by some fans to be the most controversial Quantum Leap ever, “Running for Honor” takes place not long before (and glancingly mentions) the Stonewall Riot, an event considered by most to be the birth of the U.S. gay rights movement. Tolerance in the world at large in 1964 is rare enough, but within the patriarchy-rich environment of the military, it is essentially non-existent. Tainted by association with Phillip and on a quest to prove that another of their other classmates is behind a series of local gaybashings, Sam ends up in deep trouble.

Meanwhile, Al is showing the limits of his usual “live and let live” attitude, by voicing traditional establishment arguments against having gay soldiers in the armed forces.


  • Easier Said Than Done (performed by The Essex)

Guest starring[]

  • John Finn as Admiral Spencer
  • Sean O'Bryan as Phillip Ashcroft
  • Anthony Palermo as Ronnie Chambers
  • John Roselius as Coach Martz
  • Lisa Lawrence as Karen Spencer
  • Jake Price as Agent Plebe
  • Roz Witt as Waitress
  • Martin Hansen as Cadet #1
  • Brian Seibert as Plebe
  • Beau Windham as Tommy H. York