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Sammy Jo Fuller
Sammy Jo Fuller, played by Kimberly Cullum
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Nickname Sammy Jo
Born: March 15, 1967
biological daughter of Sam Beckett and Abigail Fuller
Related to: Samuel Beckett (father)
Abigail Fuller (mother)
Donna Eleese-Beckett (step-mother)
Thelma Louise Beckett (paternal grandmother)
John Samuel Beckett (paternal grandfather)

Sheriff Clayton Fuller (maternal grandfather)
Laura Fuller (maternal grandmother)
Tom Beckett (paternal uncle)
Katie Beckett (paternal aunt)
Chuck (former paternal uncle by marriage)
Jim Bonnick (paternal uncle by marriage)
Katie's kids (nonexistent 1st cousins)

Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap and Quantum Leap:A Leap to Di for film, 2009
Character played by: Kimberly Cullum (as child) in TV series episode Trilogy Part III: The Last Door
LaDonna Pettijohn in 2009 film
Girl with hairband.

Sammy Joe looking at Sam.

Samantha Josephine "Sammy Jo" Fuller is the biological daughter of Samuel Beckett and Abigail Fuller, who conceived her in Trilogy Part II: For Your Love. When Sam leapt into Will Kinman, Abigail knew something was different about him and Sam also knew it was himself not Will that was with Abigail. In Trilogy Part III: The Last Door, Sammy Jo is played by Kimberly Cullum, who also played her preteen mother Abigail in Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart. In the Trilogy III episode, Al informed Sam through Ziggy that there was a 91.9% chance that Sammy Jo was his biological daughter. She has a high IQ and a photographic memory just like Sam. After Sam helped clear Abigail, Al told Sam that Sammy Jo is doing fine and that she is working on Project Quantum Leap as a Project Technician and is finding a way to bring Sam home. Sammy Jo does not know Sam is her biological father, but Sam told Al that he will never forget her.

Don B discussing Sammy Jo.

[1]Mentioned at the end of an interview with Don Bellisario.