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Quantum Leap: Season 1
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Quantum Leap: Season 1[]

This page lists all of the episodes aired in the first season of the NBC-TV series Quantum Leap; a total of nine episodes were aired from March 26, 1989 to May 17, 1989.

Season 1 (1989-1990)[]

Season 1 episodes
Image # in Series # in Season Title Written by Directed by Leap location/date Original air date Prod.code
Accelerator.jpg 1/2 1/2 "Genesis: Part I"
"Genesis: Part II"
David Memmings Donald P. Bellisario Edwards AFB
Blockfield, CA
September 13, 1956
March 26, 1989 N/A (1x1 & 1x2)
Although the Project Quantum Leap (PQL) isn't ready yet, and doesn't listen his supercomputer Ziggy, Sam hops into the Accelerator and leaps. As Tom Stratton, an Air Force test pilot, Sam finds his memory Swiss cheesed, with only enough left to know that he is not where or when he belongs. Al explains that the Project has gone awry and that the only way Sam can leap out is by flying the X-2 to Mach 3. Instead, Sam leaps after saving his wife and child, only to find that rather than leaping home, he's leapt into Ken Fox, a minor league baseball player in Texas, at the end of the 1968 season, where he must make the winning play in order to leap. Two part story episode arc.
Donna Eleese.jpg 3 3 "Star-Crossed" Mark Sobel Deborath Pratt Marion, Ohio
June 15, 1972
March 31, 1989 65003 (1x3)
Sam leaps into Dr. Gerald Bryant, an English teacher who is having a fling with a student named Jamie. Sam also meets the woman who stood him up at the altar in his own life - Donna Eleese (Teri Hatcher) - but she has not yet met him in the future. Despite threats to his job, Al gives Sam the information he needs to reunite his star-crossed lover with her father and, maybe, give himself a second shot at marriage.
QL RtHdofGod.jpg 4 4 "The Right Hand of God John Hill Gilbert Shilton Sacramento, California
October 24, 1974
April 7, 1989 65002 (1x4)
Having leaped into Kid Cody, a boxer on the take, Sam has to win the championship to fund a new church for his trainers, a group of nuns. Sam must face the bookie who counts on him to take a dive in the final bout, and, with the help of several trainers, streaking, and Al's appearance in the ring to guide his punches, Sam wins the bout and finances the chapel.
QL Tess.jpg 5 5 "How The Tess Was Won" Deborath Arakelian Ivan Dixon Texas. August 15, 1955 April 14, 1989 65004 (1x5)
As a veterinarian in rural Texas, Sam's mission appears to be winning the love of an heiress to a large ranch. Sabotaged by another suitor, Sam fails and finds that his true goal was to save the life of a sick piglet, and to help an unnamed

cohort with a task he's performing.

Frankielapalma.jpg 6 6 "Double Identity" Donald P. Bellisario Aaron Lipstadt Brooklyn, NY
November 8, 1965
April 14, 1989

65001 (1x6)

Though his goal as a Mafia hitman named Frankie is unclear, Sam follows a list of instructions, supplied by Ziggy in an effort to bring Sam back to the Project. These instructions result in the Great East Coast Blackout and, rather than leaping home, Sam finds himself in the life of the Mafia don named Don Vito (Mike Genovese) who's been jealously preventing a romance between Frankie and the don's girlfriend. Sam believes he knows his mission, and publicly announces Frankie's marriage to the girlfriend, putting himself in a position to call a winning Bingo number.
Color-of-truth.gif 7 7 "The Color of Truth" Deborah Pratt Michael Vegar Alabama
August 8, 1955
April 21, 1989 65013 (1x7)
In the life of Jesse Tyler, an aging black chauffeur, Sam must face discrimination in the South while trying to prevent the death of his employer, an elderly white woman, Ms. Melny Trafford (Susan French), wife of the late former governor of Alabama. Actions motivated by his own belief in equality cause violent reactions, as Sam tries to convince one of the pillars of the community to change her views on racism and the futility of trying to change a society for the better.
Camikazi Kid Jill Sam & Cheryl.jpg 8 8 "Camikazi Kid" Paul Brown Alan J. Levi Los Angeles, CA
June 6, 1961
May 10, 1989 65014 (1x8)
As a high school nerd, Sam is required to prevent the marriage of his sister to an abusive drinker, with the wedding only three days away. By drag racing the prospective husband, beating him with a car that couldn't have won without nitrous oxide, Sam shows the groom's true tendencies.
Seymour.jpg 9 9 "Play It Again, Seymour" Story by: Donald P. Bellisario, Scott Shepard & Tom Blomquist
Teleplay by: Donald Bellisario
& Scott Shepard
Aaron Lipstadt New York City, NY
April 14, 1963
May 17, 1989



With looks that could double for Humphrey Bogart, Sam is Nick Allen, a private investigator looking for the murderer of his partner and, if he doesn't find the answer in time, himself. The case is solved with a number of Casablanca film references as Sam launches a new pulp novelist along the way.