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Please feel free to add or take from this Wiki, as it's my first time writing one. But I wrote it while I watched the episode tonight on Ion, and because it's my favorite episode. Zai jian! ~RiverTamGrey

Censoring the title of this episode is ridiculous. Stupid superstitions about an "episode curse" are appropriate as a topic for article content, not as a procedure for writing in the wiki. My search did not take me right to this episode, because the title is not the episode's proper name. Absolutely absurd.

Does the snake used in the filming, which is obviously not a black mamba, worth mentioning? I don't know what kind of snake it is, but it looks nothing at all like a black mamba.

When Mary has a seizure, Sam immediately suggests it's a medical emergency and does something(?) with her mouth. Are seizures per se a medical emergency? Moreover, he says "psychokinesis is very real, Al" - WTF? Is he suddenly not a doctor and scientist in this episode? I have to imagine an actual MD and scientist regarding psychokinesis, stemming from epilepsy, as pseudoscience (or, at best, a theory without evidence basis).