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Thames (Hinton Battle) is assigned to be evil leaper/hologram guide Zoey's guide in the episode "The Return of THe Evil Leaper" in Season 5.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Ethnicity Black
Part of the Evil Leapers organization and hologram guide
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Episodes appeared in: "Revenge of The Evil Leaper" in Season 5
Character played by: Hinton Battle

Thames (pronounced Temms, like the River Thames in England) was an evil Observer and hologram guide who worked for the Evil Leapers, an organization which was the antagonistic, evil counterpart of Project Quantum Leap, who first sent by Lothos, the evil counterpart of Ziggy who appears in the episode titled "Revenge of The Evil Leaper". The part of Thames is played by stage actor/dancer/singer Hinton Battle. He could be seen as the evil leaper counterpart to Gooshie.

About Thames[]

A darkly comical man, Thames became the hologram guide of Zoey, who originally the hologram guide of Alia in the episode "Deliver Us From Evil". In "Revenge of The Evil Leaper", Thames is assigned by the Evil Leapers to guide the equally evil Zoey, who was hell bent on killing Alia, who was persuaded by Sam to leave the Evil Leapers and start leaping for good. When Zoey leaps into September 1987, assuming the body of a women's prison warden, where Alia and Sam leaped into, the quirky Thames, who has a morbid sense of humor is assigned to guide her, with the use of Lothos.

Interestingly, although Alia had defected from the Evil Leaper organization, she was still able to see and hear Thames, just like Zoey.