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Dr. Beckett meets the evil leaper Alia for the first time.

The Evil Leapers are an evil organization, which works similar to Sam and his project. But this group is evil, and they leap, as part of their objective, in order to try to put wrong what once went right, often in opposition to the work of the Quantum Leap project.

History behind "The Evil Leapers"[]

One evil leaper named Alia (played by Renée Coleman) was originally the first evil Leaper, until Sam was able to convince her to turn good, in the process, helping her out of the control of the evil leaper group. Like Dr. Beckett, she is trying to get back home to her own time. Zoey (played by Carolyn Seymour), another evil leaper who was sent leaping to kill her (unsuccessfully), had been the Hologram of the project, Formerly working as Al's evil counterpart, when Zoey attempts to kill Alia in the episode Revenge of The Evil Leaper by leaping into a women's prison, where Alia and Sam leaped, the Evil Leapers sent her replacement. An almost comically quirky scientist named Thames (Hinton Battle) replaces her as the hologram, attempting to guide her in the murderous pursuit of both Sam and Alia.

The project is run by Lothos (Ziggy's evil computer counterpart).


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