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Tom Beckett
Navy Lt. Thomas "Tom" Beckett is Sam's older brother who appears in

the episode "The Leap Home: Part II: Vietnam".

Personal Information
Born: April 14, 1950
Related to: *Thelma Louise Beckett (mother)
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Episodes appeared in: "The Leap Home, Part I" and "The Leap Home, Part II (Vietnam)" at start of Season 3
Character played by: David Newsom

Thomas "Tom" Andrew Beckett is Sam Beckett's older brother. In the original sequence of events in the two episode Season 3 opening story arc, "The Leap Home, Part I" and The Leap Home, Part II (Vietnam), Tom was killed in the Vietnam War, but during the leap; However, Sam was able to save him from death in leaping into an enlisted Signalman 2nd Class and buddy in his SEALS unit Herbert "Magic" Williams. By leaping into "Magic", Sam manages to save his life by figuring out that the Vietnamese woman who was supposed to be helping the soldiers was actually a spy, giving information to Charlie. Sam as Magic, shoots and kills the woman just as she was about to kill Tom. In the end, he does not die, and seems to have realized that Magic was Sam. Instead of Tom dying on the dangerous mission he originally dies in, an ambitious photojournalist by the name of Maggie Dawson (Andrea Thompson) who accompanies the unit on the mission loses her life after she gets caught in a booby trap.