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Tony Loggia
Tony Maggio as Tony Loggia.png
Tony Maggio as Tony Loggia
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Close associate to his brother, a businessman/entrepenuer and a suspected criminal figure, who's planning to marry into the family of a one Catherine Farrington to buy business from her father, Weathers Farrington who's a big shipping magnate
Related to: Vincent Loggia (brother)
Alfonso Loggia (father)
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Sea Bride" (Season 2)
Character played by: Tony Maggio

Tony Loggia is a minor character who appears in the Season 2 (episode #21) episode of Quantum Leap titled "Sea Bride". The part of Alfonso is played in the episode by veteran TV/Film actor Tony Maggio.

About Tony and Vincent[]

When Tony's brother, noted New York City area entrepreneur and suspected crime figure Vincent Loggia is set to wed wealthy heiress Catherine Farrington (Beverly Leech), who's the daughter of wealthy shipping magnate and aristocrat Weathers Farrington (J.G. Hertzler), aboard Weathers's yacht, Sam, who leaps into Catherine's ex-husband Philip Dumont), he and his leapee aren't the only ones who object to the union, as Tony and Vincent's dad, Alfonso (Louis Guss), lets it be known of his opinion of the union between the heiress and his crime boss son in her cabin where he, Weathers, Vincent, and Catherine are having drinks with Sam, as he says he didn't know why his son was marrying into "this crazy family", also saying "the kids don't show any respect" like his, an "Italian" family.

Tony suggests that maybe he should "explain to her about Italian men", as he reluctantly goes along with program, which is averted, as he gets his wish, but not in the way he expected or hoped, as Sam, who's been threatened all along by Vincent and Tony for showing up on the Farrington yacht to crash the nuptials, manages to escape certain death by getting tossed out into the Atlantic Ocean from the garbage dispoal room, into the reception area, covered in garbage, and tells the captain to have Vincent arrested for attempted murder. As Catherine moments earlier, told Vincent that she didn't love him and couldn't wed him, as Sam and Vincent get into a fight, and Sam knocks Vincent down with one punch.