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"Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart"
Sam, who leaps into Clayton, comforts daughter Abigail in "One Little Heart", the first episode in the "Trilogy" story arc in Season 5.

Sam, who leaps into Clayton, comforts daughter Abigail in "One Little Heart", the first episode in the "Trilogy" story arc in Season 5.

Episode No.   Season
83 5x8 Five
Episode Information
Original Broadcast Date November 17, 1992
IMDB: IMDb logo.png Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart
Written by: Deborah Pratt
Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.
Leap Information
Leap Date: August 8, 1955
Place: Potterville, Louisiana
Leapee: Sheriff Clayton Fuller
Chronological Information
Preceded by: "Deliver Us From Evil"
Followed by: "Trilogy Part II: For Your Love"

Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart was the 8th episode in Season 5 of Quantum Leap, also the 83rd overall series episode. Written by Deborah Pratt, the episode, which was directed by James Whitmore, Jr., debuted on NBC-TV on November 17, 1992.


As the sheriff in a Louisiana town, Sam must deal with two strange deaths and a girl named Abigail Fuller.

Episode summary[]

August 8, 1955: Sam leaps into the body of Clayton Fuller, the sheriff of a small Louisiana town who's also the father of young Abigail Fuller (Kimberly Cullum).  Abigail is accused by a local townswoman named Leta Aider (Mary Gordon Murray) of killing her husband, Deputy Sheriff Bert Aider, who succumbed to a heart attack, and their daughter Violet. Leta is the only surviving member of her deceased family and believes Abagail to be cursed.

Leta, who is unstable, blames Abigail for her husband's death, and that of her daughter Violet, after Abigail had been the last person to see Violet before she disappeared and presumably killed by a pack of dogs two years before.

Sam's mission is to save young Abigail from the raging wrath of Leta, who winds up cornering her in the Fuller house, demanding that she confess to the crimes of murder of her husband and daughter. In the original timeline of events, Abigail died in a house fire after Leta set it ablaze with her in it on the night of August 8, 1955.

Sam visits the mental hospital where Clayton's wife, Laura Fuller, is hospitalized in hopes of trying to get more information about Leta, who had two years earlier a heated argument with her, insulting her and calling her crazy. She said  Laura should be committed and "not allowed to have anymore crazy children". Al, with Ziggy's help, warns Sam that Leta is at the Fuller home, tormenting and threating Abigail, trying to get a murder confession out of her, as she then sets the home ablaze. It's now Sam's mission to save and rescue Abigail from the house by breaking an upper hallway window and getting her to jump out of it. Although Abigail escapes, he confronts Leta, but she is able to sneak out of a backroom door as the fire blazes. Ceiling beams afire collapse over Sam just as he leaps.


  • Although it is not acknowledged in the episode, the date of this leap (August 8th 1955) is the same day Sam leapt into Jesse Tyler in The Color of Truth.