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Tully Maltin is a character who appears in the Season Three episode of Quantum Leap titled "The Boogieman". The part of Tully is played in thet episode by Donald Hotton.

About Tully Maltin[]

When Sam leaps into a fledgling murder/horror/mystery novelist Joshua Ray in Coventry, Maine on Halloween Day, 1964, strange things begin to occur when he and his fiancée Mary Greely, who works as his research assistant, and a teenage assistant Stevie King, visit the old Church "Spook House", which is believed to be haunted with the spirit of a one Alice McHorner, the woman who originally owned the house and whom in 1692 the year of the Salem Witch Trials, was burned at the stake for "tempting evil".

Tully reminds Sam of the story of Alice, as he then states to him "You know what they say, don't you? Them that dance with The Devil are bound to get scrorched!". Just as he's talke, Tully winds up dying from a fall off of his ladder while repairing an upstairs window after a mysterious appearance of a goat who bumped the ladder right from under him when he was trying to warn Sam about "Dancing with the Devil", it only compounds things for Sam, who is still trying to figure out why he leaped there into 1964.

When Dorothy Jaeger the town gossip and fellow member of the Presbytrian church, drops dead suddenly of a heart attack in Mary's kitchen after dropping by with candles, is also a Black Mamba snake appeared in the process Was their deaths simply tragic incidents, or was it "The Devil" who killed her and Tully?

Later, it's revealed to Sam and Mary that the Devil", who disguises himself in the form of Sheriff Masters, who died in a automobile accident just minutes away from Mary's house, and then morphs into Al, as he had been doing all along in misleading Sam (whose mission was to save Tully from falling from the ladder, as he eventually does) since Sam had passed out at the Old Spook House at the beginning of his leap into 1964, as the culprit in all of the deaths, as it turns out that Sam was possibly having a dream premonition of all of the occurrences including all of the deaths to warn him about Tully.