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Will Kinman
Travis Fine as teenaged Will Kinman.png
Travis Fine as 17-year old Will Kinman in "Trilogy, Part I: One Little Heart" in Season 5 (ep.#8).
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Born: 1944, estimated
Boyfriend/ex-husband of Abigail Fuller and adoptive father of Sammy Jo Fuller
Related to: Sammy Jo Fuller (adoptive daughter)
Sheriff Clayton Fuller (father in-law/deceased)
Laura Fuller (mother in law)
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Episodes appeared in: "Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart" / "Trilogy Part II: For Your Love" (Season 5, episodes #8 & #9)
Character played by: Travis Fine

Will Kinman is a character who appears in two episodes of Quantum Leap, first, as a teen in the episode "Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart";  Dr. Sam Beckett leaps into into him ten years later, in the episode oftitled "Trilogy Part II: For Your Love". The part of the leapee Will is played in both episodes by actor Travis Fine.

About Will[]

In Will's first appearance, Will, then 17, meets Sheriff Clayton Fuller, Abigail's father, whom Sam leaped into in 1955. Wall is the son of Doc Kinman, a local doctor who performed the autopsy of previous sheriff Sheriff Bart Adler, the husband of Leta Aider, who died of a heart attack. Will spoke with a stutter, as he was questioned by Sam concerning the accidental death of the Adler's daughter, Violet Adler.

In the "For Your Love" episode, Part II of the "Trilogy" episode story arc, a now 27-year-old Will, now a and then girlfriend / fiancée and soon to be wed to Abigail Fuller (played by Melora Hardin are caught in bed together by Marie Billings, the caretaker / maid for a now 21 year old Abigail, who chases the soon to be groom Will, whom Dr. Samuel Beckett leaps into, in 1966, out of the house with a broom on the eve of the young couple's wedding.

Sam is there to rescue Abigail from an angry mob of accusers, led by Leta Aider (Mary Gordon Murray), who still blames Abigail for the death of her daughter and her husband, for the disappearance and the death of a young boy named Purvis, the young boy Abigail babysat the previous evening who had gone missing. To try to help deflect blame from Abigail, whom, in the original scenario of events in 1966, had gotten killed by the angry mob of accusers for the boy's disappearance, goes to see her mother Laura, who gives him the full scoop on the events which led to the death of Violet Adlder, whom she had a fight with before accidenally falling down a well near the Fuller's home, as Laura tried to save her.

Will becomes the biologial father to he and Abigail's daughter, Sammy Jo Fuller, whom Sam also "fathers" as he and Abigail, whom he found himself falling in love with, made love, bearing Sammy Jo. By "Trilogy Part III: The Last Door", Part III of the "Trilogy" episode arc, Will and Abigail have divorced, with Will remarrying and moving from Louisiana.