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Ziggy's brain
Personal Information
Super hybrid computer which runs the Project Quantum Leap
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap:A Leap to Di for (2009 film)
Episodes appeared in: All on the TV series
Character played by: Deborah Pratt (voice)

Ziggy is the super hybrid computer that runs the Project Quantum Leap. It was built by Samuel Beckett and Gooshie, being one of the first creations in the Project Quantum Leap. Ziggy has a sense of humor, which many computers don't have. Sam himself said: "The only thing separating Ziggy from a normal calculating machine is his ego." In fact, he later expanded on this in the episode The Leap Back. In this episode, after Ziggy was being particularly stubborn, Sam lamented about it by saying "Why did I have to give him Barbra Streisand's ego?" Ziggy has lots of information of the past and gives information to Al to be given to Sam. Ziggy can't express guilt, being a computer. Al uses the Handlink to keep contact with Ziggy while he is in the Imaging Chamber.

Ziggy once said that she was capable of doing "a trillion floating-point calculations at once," and "has over 1000 000 GB of memory" (about 100 terabytes of memory) thus demonstrating part of his immense abilities, and the aforementioned large ego.

Sam and Al consistently refer to Ziggy as male, although when the computer's voice is finally heard, it is distinctly female. Although no explanation for this is given in the series, in the novels it is said that Ziggy was originally male, and that Tina changed the voice to a female when she was programming it.


  • Unlike Lothos, who seems to have total control of his leapee's leaps, and can also leap several persons at a time, Ziggy reportedly has no control of Sam's leaps.
  • When the older Al in 1999 was briefly blinked out of existence after the younger Lt. "Bingo" counterpart self was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to die in the gas chamber in the death of Marci Riker, who was the wife of his CO CDR Dirk Riker when Sam leaped into him in 1957 in the episode "A Leap For Lisa", Ziggy's name changed to Alpha in the altered 1999 timeline.
  • Ziggy is voiced by Deborah Pratt.
  • Ziggy is also mentioned in almost every episode.

Episode appearances[]

Ziggy can be seen and also heard in the episodes:

  1. "The Leap Back" (Season 4, episode #11)
  2. "Killin' Time" (Season 5, episode #5)
  3. "Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart" (Season 5, episode #6)
  4. "Memphis Melody" (Season 5, episode #21)
  5. "Mirror Image" (Season 5, episode #22)