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Evil leaper/hologram guide Zoey (Carolyn Seymour) on "Quantum Leap"
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Evil leaper who also appears as a hologram in Season 5; gets shot by Sam after she tries to shoot another evil leaper turned good, Alia
Character information
Appeared on: Quantum Leap
Episodes appeared in: 3 episodes, beginning with "Deliver Us From Evil" (#5.7)
Character played by: Carolyn Seymour

Zoey was the evil hologram guide turned nemesis of Alia (played by Renée Coleman), the original Evil Leaper. But when Alia escaped by leaping with Sam, Zoey attempts to leap after the two of them and then was assigned her own hologram, Thames (played by dancer/actor Hinton Battle). The part of the evil Zoey is played by actress Carolyn Seymour. She is the evil leaper counterpart to Al.

Unlike Alia, who seemed to be manipulated or coerced into working for the Evil Leapers an organization that was the antithesis of the Project Quantum Leap, an organization truly bent on turning wrong what once went right, Zoey really seemed to be a truly evil person.


Nothing is known from Zoey's early life. At some point she became the hologram of Alia, after she was leaped into the past, putting things wrong that once were right.

When Alia escaped with Sam by leaping with him, Zoey decided to try to leap after them, and so Lothos, the computer used by the Evil Leapers, the evil counterpart of Ziggy, leaped her into the same time where they were in. Zoey tries to kill Alia by shooting her in the end but Alia is able to leap out of the time period unharmed. When she aims her gun in a attempt to shoot Sam, he reacts quickly and shoots Zoey with another gun. However, since Zoey was shot before she leaps out, her leapee (the prison warden) was unharmed and leaped back in; Zoey's ultimate fate is unknown, however Thames' frantic voice is heard saying "She's dying!" as his hologram disappears.